Monday Mailbag

Where's Kalani?kalani-robb1
What ever happened to Kalani Robb?

Kalani Robb (right) is living between LA and Hawaii and just made it to the quarterfinals of the Quiksilver Clasico Mazatlan. He's ripping as hard as ever yet has no major sponsor.

Safe To Surf At Night?
So as the summer approaches, along with the warmer water temps and possible full moons, I’m curious about getting in the water for night surfing. I have always heard that the creatures of the sea come out at night and it's not safe? So wondering if that is fact, fiction, or just bullshit?
Oceanside, CA.

Driving on the freeway is dangerous, surfing at night isn't. Get out there; surfing at night is a blast!

Mark Visser ain't afraid of a little wildlife while surfing at night...

Mark Visser ain't afraid of a little wildlife while surfing at night...

Nose In The Sand
I always see people stick the nose of their board into the sand to set it down. Does that damage your board at all when you do that? And I see some people do it with the fins down, wouldn’t that just make your wax melt off?
Nick B.
Ventura, California

It depends on the sand. If you're in Hawaii where the grains are bigger, you can jam your nose into it no worries. In areas like Ventura where the sand is finer and harder, you can snap your nose clean off. As a general rule of thumb, if the sand is packed hard, don't stick it in.

Letter Of The Week: The Kiss Of Death
My girlfriend is demanding I teach her to surf. I have heard from multiple friends that this can be a kiss of death for a relationship, or I will at least be in the doghouse for days if I mess up. What is the best approach to teaching her how to surf without getting my nuts chopped off?
Collin E.
Los Angeles, CA.

The key to teaching your girlfriend to surf is to be very patient and overly kind. It blows to miss a few sessions but if you play your cards right, you'll be vacationing in surf blessed locations and not some land-locked hell. It's key for your girlfriend to find another girl to surf with, too, odds are you don't want to surf the same beginner waves as her. Because you brought up such a complicated and potentially dangerous topic, we’re going to reward you with a box full of Pop Chips!

Wrapped Up
I recently started surfing about a year ago and one of my biggest problems is the leash getting wrapped around my ankle. I was wondering if there is anyway to fix that?
Avery G.

Aside from the obvious—which would be to take your leash off—make sure that when you attach the leash it's sticking out, not toward your other leg. See below for an ugly foot with a leash properly attached to it.

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