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Letter Of The Week: The Funnel Nose Unveiled
A few months back I lost a couple inches off my nose on a rock, I sanded it off to an even square that matches my tail. My nose funnel-nosealso received a new concave that I sanded and glassed into a "Funnel Nose". After the first turn I realized those pointy noses are water-pushing-hood ornaments. Now I've got a 5'8" funnel, I'm 58 and this is my funnest board in 44 years. I'm looking forward to future reviews that include "Funnel Noses" and the latest wave-pools to build at home.
Thanks for another inspiring issue!
Brian Clark

Right on Brian, way to improvise! My brother and I used to chop our boards up all the time, too. For your design breakthrough (and 44 years of surfing) you win a big ol' box of popchips…congratulations!

Need A Job
I just graduated college and all I want to do is surf. I've been searching for jobs within the industry but they are hard to find. What is the best way to go about getting a job within the industry? How do you get a job with the ASP? I just want to travel, surf, and make some money.
Cape May, NJ

The best way to find a job in the surf industry is to get out of New Jersey and find yourself an internship with a company. As far as the ASP, they're located in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast of Australia…a great place to be.

Needs To Improve
I’ve been trying to figure out new ways to improve my surfing and have come up blank. I’ve heard of pros doing exercises and or training to improve their surfing and keep it at peak condition, but what I'm wondering is, what do they do exactly? So, all in all, what's the best way to improve your surfing?
Eric Auth

One of the hottest surfers in the world right now, Kolohe Andino, has taken to jumping rope before his heats. He's been ripping so hard of late I'm gonna go buy a jump rope at lunch today.

What's Up With Surfer's Ear?
I hear people talk about “surfers ear” and how it’s associated with cold-water surfers. What is “surfers ear” and how can I prevent it? Should I always wear my hood?

According to Wikipedia, "Irritation from cold wind and water exposure causes the bone surrounding the ear canal to develop lumps of new bony growth which constrict the ear canal. The condition is so named due to its prevalence among cold-water surfers. Cold water surfers experience surfer’s ear at about six times the rate of warm water surfers." So yeah, a hood will protect you—so will earplugs.

Shine A Light On Night Surfing
I’ve heard of people surfing in the night, is that really possible? And if so, what should we do to keep it safe?
Ugo Lo Presti
Rome, Italy

It's completely possible and people do it all the time on a full moon—I surfed Lower Trestles one night at 1am and it was packed! As far as staying safe, the only thing you have to worry about is getting run over by someone who can't see you. Oh, and sharks like to feed at night…have fun!

Rack Advice
What is the best way to transport surfboards on a car rack, nose forward or tail forward? I’ve seen people hauling them either way. What is the correct way for safety & aerodynamics?

As long as your board doesn't fall off it's the correct way. However, you'll probably get some funny looks if you point the nose forward, it's probably more aerodynamic but for some reason a kooky maneuver.

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