Monday Mailbag: Your Questions Answered


Monday Mailbag 3/14/2011

Hey there TransWorld!
I live in Texas. I’ve surfed once (Jaco in Costa Rica), and I absolutely loved it! But now I’m stuck. I live in the Dallas, so I’m a good 6-8 hours from the nearest beach, and I won’t be getting any closer anytime soon. I saw a great question on the recent mailbag about activities that can improve your surfing. Your answer was surfing. Solid point. But since I live so far from the beach, I can’t do that on the regular. What would be best to do? Skateboard, longboard, walk sideways everywhere I go? Also, do you know of the best beach for surfing in Texas?
Arlington, Texas

If you can't surf, I've always found that riding a bicycle keeps you in pretty good surf shape. Mix that in with swimming (helps your shoulder strength) and skateboarding (balance) and you should be ready to rip once you get out of Dallas. Try Bob Hall Pier in Corpus Christi when you have some shred time.

TransWorld SURF,
I am taking a trip with the family to an island with waves that only reach waist height. I wanted to know if I don’t get enough speed on the wave should I bring a board with a lot of rocker? What do you think would be the ideal shortboard for smaller waves?
Christopher Golden
Lutherville-Timonium, MD

Don't bring a board with a bunch of rocker, go the opposite route and find something that resembles an ironing board. An ideal shortboard for waist high waves should be short, flat, and wide (like Aunt Marge). If you have removable fins try a twin fin setup.

What is the best way to remove old surf wax from you garage floor?
Cody Masson

WD-40 and a bit of elbow grease works like a charm.

Why do people drop their back knee when inside barrels?
Ryan B.
Boston, MA.

Dropping (or bending in) your back knee is a tactic used to fit into small barrels. Think about it, if you bend your knee toward the face of the wave it's gonna hit the face of the wave. However, bend it in (toward the deck of your board) and you can shrink down into just about anything if you're knees are flexible enough.

Hey guys,
I'm a big fan of the mag and have had a subscription since it began. I am not however, organized. I love the pieces you ran about where in the world is the best bet to travel during a certain month. I am planning a trip in April as a bachelor party with some friends because I'm getting married in May. I was wondering about the best place for me to do a week-long trip in April. I live in Los Angeles and was hoping for uncrowded warm water surf with minimal travel time. I'm afraid it is too soon in the season for the obvious Mainland trip, so I was looking to you for your wisdom and advice. Dreaming of an epic bachelor party!
Larry B
Los Angeles, CA.

Great question! I had the same question a year ago at this time. Here's the deal: The bachelor party isn't about you—it's about your bros who are married. Those guys are ready to get loose. For the best of both worlds (partying and surfing) go to Cabo San Lucas. If there's a south swell running you got the whole East Cape, and if not there are always waves on the Pacific Side. As for the partying, it's world class…we recommend Lord Blacks.

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