Monster Energy Pro Presented by Billabong–Day Three Results

MONSTER ENERGY PRO Presented by Billabong

Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

4star ASP World Qualifying Series Event


February 15-28

Defending Champ Dosland Advances At Monster Energy Pro Pipeline

Californians Machado and Curren in Strong Form

Honolulu, HAWAII – (Tuesday, February 22, 2005) — Defending $75,000 Monster Energy Pro Pipeline champion Tom Dosland, of Maui, finally received the chance to settle his nerves today, taking to the water for his first appearance in this year’s event. It was no easy start to the competition either, up against former world No.2 and Pipeline Master Rob Machado (Cardiff, CA), the event’s highest scorer to date, Ross Williams (Haleiwa, HI), and Jason Shibata (Mililani, HI).

In apparent respect for the calibre of talent taking to the water in Dosland’s heat, Pipeline pulsed right on time with the largest waves of the day – four-wave sets in the range of 10-12 foot wave faces. Williams opened the heat with a charging tube ride at the right-hander of Backdoor Pipeline to set the tone. But it was only a matter of minutes before Dosland and Machado opened up their accounts on the very same wave – Dosland at Backdoor and Machado at Pipeline. The only goofy-footer of the heat, Machado was able to slot himself super deep into the longest tube ride of the day for a near-perfect score of 9.75 points out of 10 – the highest single wave score of the day.

Just one minute later, it was Dosland again on a cavernous, thundering Backdoor ride that offered 8.76 points and by that point, the heat was a runaway for the defending champion and Machado. The final score line showed a two-wave total of 16.1 for Machado, 12.85 for Dosland, 10.65 to Williams and 8.55 for Shibata.

“Hell yeah I was nervous,” replied Dosland when asked about the wait to take to the water in his opening heat. “Really nervous. A lot of pressure.”

For Machado, there’s a drive to do well at the spot that holds a sentimental place for him, but as for pressure, there is none.

“I knew heading out there that was a stacked heat,” said Machado. “But they were all regular footers (surf with their left foot forward) so I figured they’d be looking at the Backdoor rights and that left me to the lefts. That first ride I had was really nice. Really nice.”

Back-to-back with Machado’s heat was another stacked lineup in two-time world champion Tom Curren (Santa Barbara, CA), Brian Pacheco (Waianae, HI), Jason Frederico (Haleiwa, HI), and former world champion Derek Ho (Haleiwa, HI). It was a second strong result for the West Coast by way of a clear win for Curren. Ho was a shock elimination in fourth place behind Curren, Pacheco and Frederico respectively.

The highest heat score of the day went to relatively unknown Australian Daniel Ross, who surfed a near-perfect heat for a two-wave total of 17.05 points. In the same heat as Ross was the 2002 champion of this event, Puerto Rico’s Carlos Cabero. Cabero was similarly impressive, posting a total of 15.75 for the third highest heat total of the day.

Other standouts today included local Pipeline aficionados Pancho Sullivan and Jamie O’Brien, Australians Andrew King and Anthony Walsh, and Japan’s Naohisa Ogawa.

With just 32 surfers left in the mix after the completion of the fourth round, the draw is heavily weighted with Hawaii surfers. Twelve nations were represented at the start of the event, but heading into round five, with 28 of the 32 places determined at time of writing, there are 17 Hawaiians, five Australians, two US West Coast surfers, one Puerto Rican, one Portuguese, and one Japanese surfer progressing.

One more day of competition remains before the title for this year’s Monster Energy Pro presented by Billabong is determined. Organizers will assess the conditions tomorrow morning and make a decision as to whether the final day will go ahead, or if they will wait for better conditions. The complete holding period for this event extends to next Monday, February 28.

The Monster Energy Pro will be broadcast live on the web on days of competition.

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Results shown list surfers from 1st place through 4th place. 1st & 2nd advance.

For complete scores, see the websites above.

Round 4:

H1: Kalani Chapman (Haleiwa, HI); Mikey Bruneau (Haleiwa, HI); Jarrad Sullivan (Aus); Shaun Ward (USA)

H2: Andrew King (Aus); Sean Moody (Haleiwa, HI); Gavin Gillete (Kilauea, HI); Shinpei Horiguchi (Jpn)

H3: Pancho Sullivan (Haleiwa, HI); Jesse Merle-Jones (Kilauea, HI); Rainos Hayes (Haleiwa, HI); Dylan Graves (USA)

H4: Dustin Cuizon (Haleiwa, HI); Kainoa McGee (Honolulu, HI); Eric Rebiere (Fra); Aaron Fredette (Haleiwa, HI)

H5: Daniel Ross (Aus); Carlos Cabrero (PRico); T.J. Barron (Haleiwa, HI); Joel Centeio (Haleiwa, HI)

H6: Dustin Barca (HI); Drew Courtney (Aus); Mark Healey (Haleiwa, HI); Darren Turner (Aus)

H7: Naohisa Ogawa (Jpn); Ola Eleogram (Hana, Maui); Matt Thompson (Aus); Kahea Hart (Haleiwa, HI)

H8: Rob Machado (Cardiff, CA); Tom Dosland (Paia, Maui); Ross Williams (Haleiwa, HI); Jason Shibata (Mililani, HI)

H9: Tom Curren (Santa Barbara, CA); Brian Pacheco (Waianae, HI); Jason Frederico (Haleiwa, HI); Derek Ho (Haleiwa, HI)

H10: Gavin Beschen (Haleiwa, HI); Masatoshi Ohno (Jpn); Marcus Hickman (Haleiwa, HI); Zahn Foxton (Aus)

H11: Raymond Reichle (Haleiwa, HI); Kamalei Alexander (Hanalei, Kauai); Roy Powers (Hanalei, Kauai); Ryan Campbell (Aust)

H12: Ian Walsh (Paia, Maui); Jamie O’Brien (Haleiwa, HI); Love Hodel (Haleiwa, HI); Myles Padaca (Haleiwa, HI)

H13: Anthony Walsh (Aust); Tiago Pires (Portugal); Mineto Ushikoshi (Jpn); Zane Harrison (Aust)

H14: Dayyan Neve (Aus); Nathan Carroll (Haleiwa, HI); Mike Dodd (Honolulu, HI); Solomon Ortiz (Hilo, HI)

H15: Not completed at time of release

H16: Not completed at time of release