More Details Arise In Fatal New Zealand Surfing Collision

I'd like to say there's some kind of lesson to be learned from the tragic passing of Tony Costa, but they're really isn't—just a case of wrong place at the wrong time. According to a poster on this site, "the surfer who ran the other one over didn't even have a clue he had hit a person until he kicked out, he said there was a thump and he thought it was a log or something." Our deepest thoughts and sympathies go out to the family and friends of Tony Robert Costa…

Tony Robert Costa

Kiwi surfer Tony Robert Costa with friends. An account has been set up to help out Tony’s two daughters and pregnant wife, go to for details.

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Surfers at the Wellington bay where a fatal collision took place on Monday say overcrowding is often a problem at the surf break, but no one was to blame for the incident.

Palmerston North resident Tony Robert Costa, 33, drowned after being struck on the head by another surfer’s board at the eastern side of Lyall Bay on the capital’s south coast.

Fellow surfers, who had to contend with a rip, struggled to get Costa to shore following the collision and were not able to resuscitate him once they got him out of the water.

Lyall Bay Surf Club president Martin Robinson said surfers collided relatively often when there was competition for waves, but in his 20 years at the club he had never heard someone dying as a result.

A colleague of Costa’s, Daniel Loorparg, said accidents happened and he held no ill-feelings against the other surfer involved in the collision.

“It was a tragic accident, I personally don’t hold you responsible and I just hope you can … find out about Tony and just grieve with the rest of us.”