Moroccan Gold Rush

Situated at the northwestern tip of Africa and separated by the 38-mile Strait of Gibraltar from Europe, Morocco is melting pot like no other. Berbers, Arabs, Africans, and Europeans have been bartering, fighting, trading, and living here for hundreds of centuries. Ancient cities like Casablanca, Marakech, and Fes are a fusion of East and West, and old meets new. The result is a modern, Islamic country that welcomes tourists, has a million things to do, and really opens your mind to new cultures. By the way, Morocco is full of perfect waves.


Lisa and Shane Dorian, Dan Malloy, Mike Losness, Sybil and Taylor Steele, Todd the bod, Dustin Humphries, and myself just returned from what most of us are calling the best trip of our lives. Without giving away too much, for the first two weeks of March, we scored perfect, crowd-free waves every time we paddled out. Our hosts, Chris and Denny, from Moroccan Surf Adventures ( took us to a crazy, slabbing right that had us calling it a mix of Western Oz and Hawaii. Needless to say the surfing was berserk. After three days of non-stop surfing and one eight-hour super session, we went to Marakech, where Jimi Hendrix used to trip, for some adventure.


All I can tell you is this: Just because a cute girl is veiled, doesn’t mean she won’t wave and blow kisses at you. When someone whispers “chocolate to you in the street, he isn’t offering you desert. There’s a guy in the souk (market) who will pull your aching tooth out right on the spot—and then display it on his table for Allah knows what reason. And finally, there is plenty of toilet paper in Morocco—travel books be damned. Look for an in-depth, culturally enlightening, badass article with the best surfing ever, in an upcoming issue (Volume 6 #6). Maybe you’ll see Shane’s twelve-second barrel he got on the last session of our trip…en shallah (God Willing)—Justin Cote