Movie Review: My Eyes Won’t Dry 3: Tubular Addiction

Movie Review: My Eyes Won't Dry 3: Tubular Addiction

Filmed over the course of the last three years, Brian Conley's My Eyes Won't Dry 3: Tubular Addiction is a cosmic journey through tubular time travel. Perhaps it was the funny smelling smoke wafting through the air of the La Paloma in Encinitas, CA. during the world premiere of Conley's latest and greatest, but I was blown away by the quality and tubular radness of the latest installment of the My Eyes Won't Dry series. Filmed around the world, the flick takes the viewer from Mainland Mexico to Indo and all tubular points in between.

99% hand-held point of view surfing, I don't remember too many turns or airs--the movie is all about the tube. For some folks (my wife included) there were too many tubes, but in my eyes, tube riding is surfing's Hoy Grail and an entire movie dedicated to the act is just fine.

With cameos by well-known pros Reef McIntosh, Bruce Irons, Nathan Fletcher, and Bol from Bali, the star power is there, but the real scene stealers are the underground bros that Conley's been surfing with the last few years, dudes like Greg Russ, Gray Richards, "Sharps", and "JS" who all pull into Mack truck sized barrels with and without the help of jet skis.

The groovy soundtrack was done by the talented Michael Eaton and the film was edited by Nathan Apffel, the same guy who made the highly acclaimed Lost Prophets: The Search For The Collective.

If you're not a big fan of tube riding you should a) stop surfing now, and b) don't buy this movie, otherwise, Brian Conley has hit the nail on the head again and My Eyes Won't Dry 3: Tubular Addiction is a must have for those of us who don't (and can't get enough) tube time.--Justin Coté

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Available at a fine surf shop near you, includes all three My Eyes Won’t Dry movies and a photo book documenting the series.