MTV Britney Spears Broisms From TransWorld SURF

Just when you thought MTV couldn’t get any worse, they put up their “Surf Girls” site. The TV network that turned rock ‘n’ roll into a huge focus group (“We do 200 a year,” they brag) is now going after surfing. In one of the least original ideas ever hatched, MTV has decided to do a vote-each-other-off-the-island show with a bunch of surfer girls.

Quiksilver pro Jon Rose was flown to an island in the South Pacific to be a judge for their show, and he was in our offices a week or so ago pissing himself laughing about how insane the whole fiasco was. He said the MTV film crew fought with each other so much, the reality show should have been about the making of this reality show. And in the end, the judged voted some annoying girl off, and MTV reversed their decision.

Anyway, the site they put up in support of the show is tragic. It was obviously written by someone with no concept of surfing, and is filled with expressions like: “Surfing is about a session in the green womb of the Big Mama,” and, “Hey, I’m all for a tube radical. On killer waves, I can score killer cash.” Good job, MTV. You’ve finally and indisputably proven the theory that corporate America is full of shit. You’re a bunch of fakes and hacks. Get back to playing videos, it was the only thing you ever did well.
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