Mundaka Gone

It’s true. One of the wonders of the surfing world, the reeling left hander in Northern Spain known as Mundaka, has vanished. When Billabong’s Steve Clark came into the TransWorld SURF office a couple months ago and said that the annual WCT Billabong Pro at Mundaka was in jeopardy of being cancelled because the sandbar that creates the draining, freight-train-of-a-wave, had disappeared, we were all bummed.

The WCT surfers, especially those who had traditionally done well there, guys like Luke Egan, Nathan Hedge, and Occy, must have been shattered as well. However, the real loss goes to the people of Mundaka who depend on the event for a major source of income when the tour comes into the sleepy little village.

For a more complete story on the loss and what’s being done about it, go to:

Here are a couple photos that hopefully won’t be the last we’ll ever see…