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New DVD Releases


Taylor Steele and Nathan Myers

This video has an undeserving bad rap. What started as a terrific website surf clip treasure trove has now been compiled in one neat package for you to enjoy. Some reviews complain about the editing and blah blah—but what you need to know is this flick shows some of the best surfing ever caught on camera, enjoy it, stop being such dicks about it.

Stoked And Broke

Cyrus Sutton

Cyrus Sutton and Ryan Burch are two of surfing's most modern dissenters. They traveled on foot throughout San Diego in eight days with a wide array of wave riding tools and very little money. It proved to be an awakening to the gifts our own homes can bestow upon us: epic 10 to 12 foot at Blacks. Backed by a killer soundtrack courtesy The Blank Tapes, you'll definitely want to check this one out.—Ryan Brower

The Sacred Triangle: Bowie, Iggy, And Lou 1971—1973

Sexy Intellectual/MVD

There have been a lot of amazing duos in the history of rock and roll, but if you're talking about trios, the most interesting and exciting rock trio has to be the Sacred Triangle of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Lou Reed—three freak-geniuses who banded together to create some of the most memorable music ever made. This doc takes you into the triangle and you'll never want to leave.


Riley Blakeway

Combine Chippa Wilson's aerial ability with Riley Blakeway's impeccable use of lighting and landscape presentation through lo-fi footage and it's a good match. The blackball beater sessions where Chippa is fooling around trying kickflips, big spins, and getting little shorey pits is refreshing. It solidifies the fun aspect of Chippa's personality and life that the movie depicts. Sure he's not throwing the meanest turns, but he is launching some of the most futuristic airs around.—Ryan Brower

The Hunt

Alek Parker

Alek Parker is the man when it comes to tracking hurricanes and shredding them. Last issue we showed you a few different trips from the 2010 Hurricane Season, but if you want the full story from the road, this flick is a must see. Starring Cory Lopez, Ben Bourgeois, Brett Barley, Nils Schweizer, and of course Alek Parker. Check it out at

CD Releases

The War On Drugs
Future Weather
Secretly Canadian

Sometimes one introductory song is all you need to get lured into loving a band. The 2008 song "A Needle In Your Eye #16" was the first time I heard this band and I was hooked. In the case of the album Future Weather, just listen to the song "Comin' Through" is all you'll need to get hooked on drugs, The War On Drugs, that is.

Ghostface Killah
Apollo Kids
Def Jam

Ghostface Killah is locked in a three-way tie for my favorite member of The Wu-Tang Clan (with RZA and GZA). Luckily for fans of The Wu, this mixtape-style record features Wu favorites like Cappadonna, GZA, Killah Priest, UGod, and non-Wu rappers like The Game and Busta Rhymes. This disc is rumored to be just a taste of what's to come on Supreme Clientele 2—but will no doubt keep you entertained 'til SC2 drops.