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The Arena: North Shore

Nirvana Surfboards
Can't get enough of the cruel punishing beauty of the North Shore? Neither can we, that's why we were stoked to see The Arena go in depth into the winter of 2008 and show what a full season on the North Shore is really like—and it's awesome! Never been there? Get this video and you'll feel like you have.

Fiberglass And Megapixels

Sandy Beach Productions
This documentary-style flick spotlights the quirky, interesting, and amazing world of the photographers and cinematographers who make their living capturing the world's best photographs and film on the North Shore of Oahu. Ever wonder how the epic photos you see in this very magazine get shot? Here's your chance to hear it told from both sides of the lens—photographer and surfer. You get the whole story of what it takes to shoot the photos and films we love so much. Also, you get to see interviews with some of our favorite people like including, Brian Bielmann, Dave Nelson, Daren Crawford, Sonny Miller, Freddy P., Mark Healey, and more—this is a must-see for any surf fan.