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Dan Sartain
Dan Sartain Lives

If you're like me—riddled with trust issues, lacking discipline, and ignore good advice—you'll dig this latest distraction. In Dan Sartain's fifth effort Dan Sartain Lives, he picks up the storyline right where he previously left. The songs are garage greaser punk, somewhat simple, but always straightforward. He has an ability to tell you it's going to be all right and at the same time it's not going to end well. The Southern crooner's sharp sounding guitar provides the mood while the rhythm section cruises you along under Dan's troubled yet confident voice. Songs like "Bad Thing Will Happen" prophesize a bleak future while the up-tempo "Walk Among the Cobras," bang with the will to overcome. Sartain makes feeling bad feel so good.—Rob Molt

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Before Today

You may feel like you're on mushrooms the first time you here this album (not that we know what that feels like). This psychedelic trip through a cosmic indie rock landscape will have you guessing and wondering, "Where the hell is this song going?" Then when you get there, you're like, "Oh yeah! I know where we're at." This is some trippy shit. If you like Animal Collective, Devendra Barnhart, and old Pink Floyd, you'll love Ariel Pink's genre-blending take on the FM pop/garage-psych. This dude seems like a modern day Syd Barrett, which immediately made me hyped to hear more of his music.—Chris Cote

Wolf Parade
Expo 86
Sub Pop

Wolf Parade is back with yet another banger! Expo 86 is a return to form for these Canadian indie-rock geniuses. With the band's spastic mix of analog keyboard sounds, tweaky guitar hits, warbling dual vocals, high-action drumming, and head bobbing tempos, it's fairly certain that this is a disc you will be dancing to very soon. Wolf Parade's first album was a masterpiece and nothing they've done since has matched it, but this one is close, especially the songs "Yulia," "Little Golden Age," and "Two Men In Tuxedos." If you haven't heard Wolf Parade, you should; fans of Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, and The Pixies will all tell you to march in this parade of radness.—C.C.