Music, Movie, And Book Reviews Powered By Kicker 9/26

Music, Movie, And Book Reviews Powered By Kicker 9/26

Gauntlet Hair

Gauntlet Hair
Dead Oceans
Seems like the last few months I've said a lot of bands have sounded a little bit like Animal Collective, well, I'll say it again with Gauntlet Hair, but don't take that as a bad thing. Gauntlet Hair play blissfully noisy songs that feel powerful and at the same time friendly. If you listen to this disc loud enough, you'll be on a whip-it like trip that kicks in especially hard on "Top Bunk" and "Keep Time", two stand out tracks that will have you dancing like a freak.

Wooden Shjips

Thrill Jockey
Looking for some throbbing heavy psych rock to fill a hole in your iPod selection? I am too! Thankfully I just got the new Wooden Shjips album to fill that gap. West is a journey in to the trancy realm of drone rock with a touch of stoney pscyadelia. If you like Sleepy Sun or Can, you'll like Wooden Shjips. I was driving on the freeway the other day when one of the band's tracks called, "Flight" came on, I felt like I was driving on the moon, it was trippy, man.

The Psychedelic Aliens
Psycho African Beat
Voodoo Funk Academy
Sometimes, you stumble upon a rare and wonderful oddity in the record store. This weekend, I found a reissued album by an Afro beat band from Ghana called The Psychedelic Aliens—I had to buy it and I'm glad I did—it's f—king amazing. All I can say, is if you want to have a psycho African beat party, this is your band. Just Google it and be amazed.

Tyler The Creator

XL Recordings
Tyler The Creator has issues, but he's not afraid to lay them all out in front of you. His new disc, Goblin is dark, eerie, sketchy, and f—king awesome. This teenage death-rap disc edges in to the horror-core zone, but Tyler's lyrics are honest and real, saving it from being too far out there, even though it's pretty tweaked.

The Art Of Flight
Red Bull/Brain Farm
Travis Rice and his crew flipped the shit on the snowboard world in 2008 when they released That's It, That's All. Well now, they have more helicopters, more cameras, more money, and seemingly more balls to go and bomb crazy hills and do flips off trees and shit. Probably a moot point to tell you that The Art Of Flight is rad, 'cause every person you know, has already told you that 10 times, but yeah, it's pretty rad.

The Donkeys
Born With Stripes
Dead Oceans
This San Diego four piece (which can be heard in the 3D montage of Surprise Excitement Party) plays a brand of music that is very fitting to the city it comes from. Part indie rock, part Americana alternative, The Donkeys have put together an album that is compelling and casually sprawling from start to finish. Think Pavement meets Wilco with a nice dash of Crosby, Stills, and Nash thrown in the mix.

Not Another Transworld Video
Jon Holland and Chris Ray
As you may or may not know, TransWorld SKATEboarding makes the best damn skate movies in the business, and NATV continues their tradition in making epic shit. I don't care if you skate or not, this video will floor you. Good thing for Dane and Kelly that Theotis Beasley wasn't born a surfer—he'd be the man.

God Went Surfing With The Devil
Alexander Klein
The daily struggle of living on the war torn Gaza Strip is harsh—now try surfing there. This documentary shows what it's like to live and surf in Gaza, and follows the path of a non-profit group that's trying to help deliver stoke. Go to for info. This doc is a must-see.

Minds In The Water
Dave Rastovich and Justin Krumb
Minds in the Water is a feature-length documentary following the quest of professional surfer Dave Rastovich and his friends to protect dolphins, whales and the oceans they all share. Filmed all over the globe over the course of the last four years, MITW is a call to arms sort of film and highlights what Dave and his crew are doing to prevent the killing and capture of whales and dolphins. A long and serious film is interrupted with bits of lighthearted humor despite focusing on a serious and sad subject. Catch Dave and friends in the next couple weeks as they sail down the California coastline in a repeat of their successful "Transparentsea" project.