MV Indies Trader Returns to Sumatra

Indies Trader Marine Adventures is proud to announce that after seven incredibly successful years circumnavigating the globe on Quiksilver’s “Crossing” expedition – the MV Indies Trader is returning to its roots in Sumatra.

The MV Indies Trader has literally discovered 90% of the waves in Sumatra and West Java as well as over one hundred new breaks across the globe on “The Crossing”. Starting in April 2006 the MV Indies Trader will once again be operating surf charter trips in Sumatra and offering everyday surfers the opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind experience on arguably the most recognized and prolific surf charter boat in history.

“The MV Indies Trader is the most capable, no bullshit, surf charter boat on the planet” exclaims Martin Daly “I’m excited to get it back to its original stomping grounds in Sumatra. As we have moved into the upper end of the surf charter market over the years I’m stoked to be able to give the regular bloke a chance to share our experience with an affordable surf trip on a boat that is a huge part of surfing history.”

For more information about reserving the original MV Indies Trader on your next adventure to the Mentawai Islands or North Sumatra please visit