My Book Review – 4.5

My Book Review Book Review
Mouthing Off: A Book Of Rock And Roll Quotes
By John D. Luerssen
The Telegraph Company
Rock stars are the greatest! In this new book by John D. Luerssen, hundreds of outspoken rockers are quoted on various subjects ranging from drugs and drinking to fans and just about everything in between. The shit these people say is amazing. Reading this book gives the feeling of eavesdropping on your favorite band members. From Axl Rose to Marilyn Manson, they’re all here. Mouthing Off is a great book to have if you have plans of becoming a rock star because it will help you sound like a badass rocker if you ever get interviewed.-C.C.

“Take the drugs away and there’s more time for sex and rock and roll.”-Steven Tyler of Aerosmith”I’m just bursting on the scene like a pathetic gold-plated sperm.”-Beck”Rock and roll is about attitude. I couldn’t care less about technique.”-Johnny Thunders