My Date With David Bowie

Editors note: This has nothing to do with surfing, but last weekend Chris Cote went to the David Bowie concert in L.A., and like a teenage groupie, actually cried at one point. I have no idea why, but he definitely shed tears during “Heroes.” Oh yeah, in front of his wife too. Although it mentions nothing of it, this is what he had to write a couple days later. Sorry.-AC

I may be the luckiest guy in the world. I got to go on a date with David Bowie and it was awesome. He’s a good man and a snappy dresser (which makes going on dates with him that much better). We met up in L.A. before his concert and went to dinner. He was acting a little bit weird but I told him he should chill out because this isn’t a real date. I also told him there’s nothing wrong with two dudes eating a meal of food together. He got a very hearty chuckle out of that and we proceeded to eat and chill.


After dinner, we took a walk around downtown L.A. We didn’t hold hands or anything, it’s not like that between us. We’re just friends. Anyway, the show was the best show I’ve ever seen. David Bowie hasn’t changed a bit and is by far the greatest living musician.

Everyone should buy tickets to his shows because he most likely won’t be touring that much after this year.-Chris Cote