My Night With The Band Of Frequencies

My Night With The Band Of Frequencies

On Monday night (May 1) I had a really amazing experience. I got to see The Band Of Frequencies in a tiny restaurant called Papagayo, in Leucadia, California. The setting was wonderful and my date (my wife) was looking rather lovely on this evening.

We arrived and noticed the room was filled with a great mix of hipster types, models, pro surfers, legends, filmmakers, and artists–all this on a Monday night!

As the band set up, percussionist Dave Rastovich greeted us. I felt bad because I was eating a giant filet mignon right in front of him–I’m pretty sure he’s a vegetarian. My wife had the scallops, but that’s enough about us.

The party was to celebrate the book-launch of the cool Australian surf book titled Switch-Foot. The book is a look at the fun side of surfing and the artistic aspects of wave riding. Surfing, art, and music all in between two hardbound covers. Surfers and artists like Rasta, George Greenough, Albe Falzon, Thomas Campbell, Andrew Kidman, and many more have fantastic stories, thoughts, photos, paintings, and drawings inside the book–my copy is signed by a few of them, and no it will not be on eBay anytime soon.

The Band Of Frequencies started jamming after I got my book signed, and boy, did they jam. It was a spiritual mix between vintage Santana and Xavier Rudd or something. All I know is that I, along with the rest of the fans in attendance was entranced. The jam session was amazing, Rasta played some weird little hand drums and some electronics while the rest of the band was straight up jamming out!

A great night was had by all and my wife even let me get desert! Check out the book at and please pop into Papagayo if you’re ever in Leucadia (it’s on HWY 101 just north of Leucadia Blvd.)
Chris Cote