Mythbusters Builds And Tests 15-Foot Great White Shark

In order to test theories of how to survive a Great White shark attack, the dudes at Mythbusters built a replica of the oceans most-feared predator. The main myth they wanted to bust was the claim that if you poke s shark in the eye it'll ease up it's vise-like grip on your flailing body…

robo shark

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THE whacky scientific masters of TV program Mythbusters have set about their biggest challenge yet – constructing a mechanical, anatomically-correct great white shark.

With 90 serrated metal teeth, powered by hydraulics and measuring 5m from tip to tail, the show’s resident experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman dubbed the creature Robo-shark.

As shark sightings threaten to close some of Australia’s most populated beaches, the Mythbusters crew used Robo-shark to test if it’s possible to locate, reach and gouge the eyes of the fierce ocean dweller when under attack.

“(Mythbusters’ daredevil) Tory Belleci was able to find the eye and hit the (eye) switch and turn it off but in my opinion if this was a real life situation it would be too late … you’re done,” Hyneman said of the 15-second battle.

However, the program, which is airing during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel from January 18, passes the experiment off as plausible, acknowledging Australian spear-fishing champion Rodney Fox’s survival of a similar great white shark attack in 1963.

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