Nahoku Keala Named Miss February 2013

Nahoku Keala
Nahoku Keala
Nahoku Keala
Nahoku Keala
Nahoku Keala
Nahoku Keala
Nahoku Keala
Nahoku Keala

Nahoku Keala Named Miss February 2013

Congratulations to Miss February 2013 Nahokuheleiakeahuolu (or Nahoku for short) Keala! The Hawaiian canoe paddler beat out a stacked field of entrants from across the globe and will be sitting pretty in her new gear from B. Swim and VonZipper. Hailing from the sparsely populated island of Moloka'i, Nahoku epitomizes the phrase, "Moloka'i Mo Betta!"

TransWorld SURF: Hometown?

Nahoku Keala: Mana’e, Moloka’i


I am currently a full-time dental hygienist and Hawaiian language student. I also do some modeling on the side to help pay for school.

We heard you're a canoe paddler. Can you tell us about that? How did you get into it?

I’ve been paddling since I was eight years old. Growing up on Moloka’i, you fill your time with a lot of outdoor activities and paddling was one of them. My older sister (and my photographer) got into paddling first and of course as a younger sibling, I had to copy her. Only recently did I get into OC-1 paddling (one-man) canoe paddling and I have fallen in love with it. It is a great way to stay in shape, but for myself, it is a time for me to reflect, push myself physically and mentally, and be thankful all at once.

Secret and or hidden talent?

Hmmmm, I’m not sure if I have any secret talents, but I do enjoy baking, crocheting and crafts. I like to make things with my hands and love it when the finish product is exactly how I pictured in my head.

Got a boyfriend?


Are you a surfer girl?

My dad surfs and always wanted us (my four sisters and I) to learn how to surf, so he taught us the basics when we were young. I learned to surf a little when I was young, but paddling overtook my interests and by the time I wanted to really learn how to surf, I felt like I was a little far behind already. Every once in a great while I will try to go out to surf just for the fun of it. However, my youngest sister has definitely fallen in love with the sport and surfs on a daily basis.

Favorite beach in the world?

Waialua, Moloka’i. I spent a lot of sunny summer days at that beach with my family and friends. It definitely holds a special place in my heart.

If you could go on a date with any pro surfer who would it be?

Hmm, I don't really know. I would probably rather spend the day hanging out with one of the coolest, down to earth surfers I know, my fellow Moloka’i grown friend Kaoli Kahokuloa.

Turn ons?

Humorous, witty, honest, a movie fanatic, respectful, and a water person.

Turn offs?

Arrogance, untrustworthy.

Tell us something nobody knows about you…

Generally, not a lot of people know I speak Hawaiian or that I grew up living on a fishpond. Some other things people usually don’t know about me: I only eat the cookie part of an Oreo, I am deathly afraid of centipedes, I don’t like putting my head under warm water, and I like to peel grapes and eat the inside.

What would your last meal consist of?

Hands down: Pa’i’ai (pounded taro root), dried aku, and dried he’e (octopus)!

Last book you read?

The Hunger Games. Great read! The book was definitely better than the movie...

Favorite movie?

Pride And Prejudice.

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Miss February 2013 Nahoku Keala

Miss February 2013 Nahoku Keala