Nate Tyler Signs With Globe

Nate Tyler

Nate Tyler Joins One Of The Tightest Teams In Surfing!

With good reason, GLOBE has had the same International team roster for the past 4 years, but just recently brought on one of the West Coast's most talented goofy footers, Nate Tyler. At this point in time GLOBE has restructured and strategized to come out the gates as a new brand. Now, fresh blood on the surf team will definitely give a distinct and different flavor to all that we do!

You may know Nate from his A-Game video parts in Volcom's most recent films Creepy Fingers and BS! Not to mention his consistent editorial escapades on global shred missions, as well as recently winning the first round of Taylor Steele's Intersection.

A free surfer by choice, Nate is constantly on the go, but instead of the WQS grind, he's filming and shooting photos. That's no cop out either, as this guy grew up dominating in the West Coast NSSA and VQS events and less than a year ago won the last VQS CHAMPS, but simply chooses not to surf in a competitive environment.

The Central Coast native will be a valuable asset for GLOBE in the years to come and will help us continue to make the quality surf film productions and footwear that we're known for.

"With our new surf film 0000 in the works it's perfect timing for Nate to come on board. He has a smooth style paired with a well rounded above the lip game. He’s super fun to shoot and I’m really psyched to have him in our gang!" – Joe G.

Here's what Nate had to say when we sat him down this week!

GLOBE – Now that you’ve signed with Globe, what were you thinking as you made the move?

NT – Well, I was really honored to be asked to come aboard such an tight, elite team for one, but for the most part I think I was just so excited to get to work with the whole gang and play any sort of role in the new surf film Year 0000.

GLOBE -Aside from the team and the product, was there anything that motivated or influenced your decision?

NT – Yeah just the fact that Globe was starting the movie 0000. My favorite movie for ever has been Secret Machine, so the fact they are starting that and I will get to travel and hang around for some of that was the topper!

GLOBE -How do you like working with Joe G on the new film 0000?

NT – Oh man, it’s awesome. He is gnarly! He's just super talented, and like I was saying, I always watched his movies before so I was nervous but he’s one of the coolest, mellow humans ever.

GLOBE -Where did you guys go on the first trip and did you score any good waves?

NT – We went down to Australia and did the grand tour! We started out on the Gold Coast then we ventured over to Western Oz. We surfed some great waves in the time we were there, we ended up being there for almost a month, so we got a variety of waves throughout both coasts.

GLOBE -Aside from 0000 you have been pretty busy on the film front. Congratulations on winning Taylor Steele’s Innersection! Having watched and voted on your section, I must say it was pretty damn impressive. How is this thing unfolding for you? Do you or will you be doing any special film trips to blow minds when the film is released?

NT – Thank you! Yeah definitely crazy how these things unfold. I am super pumped to have gotten in the film. So now I will be trying to do some trips in between filming for Year 0000. I would like to better a lot of the clips that were already in the video, but we will see.

GLOBE – I recently went to check out Timmy Curran’s new film Union Express and really enjoyed your section with Timmy. How did that evolve and how did you like working on that project?

NT – That was a really cool one for me to work on. Timmy has always been my hero. I used to watch him surf and want to surf just like him. So it was really cool to have him stop by and surf a couple of my waves at home, and just see how he approached the waves and just getting to hang with him was great.

GLOBE – So, on another note, I’ve seen and heard strange rumblings that you live with your wife in some sort of tent in the woods. Can you elaborate on this?

NT – You most definitely hear right. We are full-bore hippies. We live in what’s called a yurt. It is a circular shaped soft structure. We are totally off the grid and we are loving every minute of it!!!

GLOBE – Any big plans over the summer?

NT – Over this summer I will just be trying to film a lot. I will be really focusing on anything that comes my way for 0000 and I will be trying to build on my section in Innersection.

GLOBE – What is your favorite globe shoe right now and why?

NT – My favorite shoe is the Omerta. I am pumped because they look like real shoes but they really are sneaky slip ons.

GLOBE – Who are your current sponsors?

NT – Volcom, Globe footwear, Monster energy, Channel Islands, Famous wax, CCS.

GLOBE – Thanks for your time Nate, we're STOKED to have you on the brogram!!!