National Surf League Kicks Off April 30 In Huntington

The National SurfLeague’s (NSL) long awaited inaugural season kicks off April 30 to May 2,2004 at the Huntington Beach Pier with the California Cup, presented by theSouthern California Salt Company. Conceived by Brad Gerlach, a former worldnumber two and current big wave charger, the NSL’s revolutionary teamconcept, The Game, formally debuted at last summer’s X-Games to rave reviewsfrom surfers and fans alike. The California Cup will receive unprecedentedtelevision exposure on ESPN2, with five shows reaching 87 millionhouseholds.


The California Cup’s unique format creates a sense of hometown pride in eachlocal community and sets the stage for intense team and regional rivalries,something missing from the current professional tours. For the first timein the sport’s history, fans can root for their favorite surfers and/or teamover the course of a month-long regular season that features rules andstructure similar to the NBA, NFL and MLB. “We really encourage the localfriends, family and surf enthusiasts to come out to cheer on the localheroes, while fueling the fire of the hungry visiting teams,” said the NSL’sJeff Cutler.

The California Cup consists of four consecutive regular season GameWeekends, pairing four teams consisting of the region’s best surfers.Launching with the Hurley Game Weekend (4/30-5/2), the California Cup thenmoves to Ventura for the Quiksilver Game Weekend (5/7-9), Santa Cruz for theBillabong Game Weekend (5/14-16) and concludes in San Diego with the O’NeillGame Weekend (5/21-23). The SALT Championship Game Weekend will be held onJune 4-6 at the hometown break of the team leading in the standings at theconclusion of the regular season.

Team members Rob Machado (San Diego), Chris Ward (Orange County), DaneReynolds (Ventura) and Jason “Ratboy” Collins (Santa Cruz) lead star-studdedrosters featuring the likes of Taylor Knox and Dean Randazzo (Team SanDiego), Tom Curren and Bobby Martinez (Team Ventura), Kieran Horn and AdamRepogle (Team Santa Cruz) and Pat O’Connell and Timmy Reyes (Team OrangeCounty). A complete competitor listing is available at


In Gerlach’s spectator-friendly approach, the home team for each GameWeekend will square off against each of its three competitors over athree-day period. The teams compete in three “home” and three “away” games,balancing the playing field during the month-long regular season. The eventformat consists of two teams squaring off daily in a three-hour long,four-quarter battle similar to traditional sporting events.

Each team features 10 competitors (eight starters and two substitutes) withhead, assistant and in-water coaches. All team members compete during eachquarter, getting scored on their best two (2) waves. There are threetime-outs per team, per half. Team scores are totaled for a final Gameresult.

“Current professional surfing is great for people who understand how itworks, however most people around the world have no idea what’s happeningwhile watching a contest,” said Gerlach. “The spectators have no one tocheer for, no reason to get behind the surfers. Our goal is to bring theexcitement of pro surfing back to the communities so the fans can give thesport the entertainment value it needs to grow, and give the surfers thesupport they deserve.”

Extensive online coverage isavailable at

Team rosters:
1. Tom Curren
2. Tim Curran
3. Dane Reynolds
4. Bobby Martinez
5. Henry Mills
6. Adam Virs
7. Keith Malloy
8. Josh Curran
9. Nathaniel Curran
10. Jeremy Ryan
11. Keoni Cuccia
12. Dylan Slater
13. Blake Howard
14. Pete Mussio
15. Nick Rosza

San Diego

1. Rob Machado
2. Taylor Knox
3. Dean Randazzo
4. Jason Bennett
5. Che Stang
6. Jeremy Sherwin
7. Zach Keenan
8. Layne Harrison
9. Dane Johnson
10. Sean Marceronn
11. Kyle Knox
12. Austin Ware
13. Benji Weatherly
14. Matt Yates
15. Hagen Kelley

Santa Cruz

1. Jason “Rat” Collins
2. Kieran Horn
3. Adam Repogle
4. Peter Mel
5. Omar Etcheverry
6. Homer Henard
7. Josh Loya
8. Darrel “Flea” Virostko
9. Randy Bonds
10. Tyler Fox
11. Tyler Smith
12. Johnny Craft
13. Bud Freitas
14. Shawn Peterson
16. Josh Mulcoy

Orange County

1. Chris Ward
2. Pat O’Connell
3. Timmy Reyes
4. Mike Losness
5. Mike Todd
6. Nate Yeomens
7. Dino Andino
8. Shaun Ward
9. Pat Gudauskas
10. Chris Drummy
11. Brett Simpson
12. Mike Hoisington
13. Danny Nichols
14. Ryan Simmons
15. Jay Larson