Nazaré wipeouts are even scarier in slow motion; video

Nazaré is a pretty intimidating big-wave spot. A place where some of the world’s biggest waves are ridden, life-threatening wipeouts happen on the regular there.

In case you thought it couldn’t get more cringe-inducing, re-watching those brutal wipeouts in slow motion makes them even more painful to witness.

Filmer Nuno Dias was present and had his camera rolling for all of the “biggest of the big” days this past season at Nazaré, and he got quite a memorable reel of clips.

But the choice by Dias to put this edit together in slow motion while setting it to an extremely ominous track by Shining Bird was stupendous. It truly encapsulates the tension and anxiety we feel watching these wipeouts happen.

Now, imagine actually being out there and the experiencing the feelings these surfers are enduring – that’s a whole different story.

Not somewhere you want to be at Nazaré.

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