Neff East Vs. West Surf Shop Showdown: Round 4


Biggie vs. Tupac. Right vs. left. Chick-Fil-A vs. In N Out. For ages we've battled over which coast is the best. But here's where we settle it once and for all—the Neff East vs. West Surf Shop Showdown!
Presented by NEFF


Inlet Outlet is a surf shop in Manasquan NJ. The team riders in the video are Pat Schmidt (17), Justin Taylor, Ian Aronsson (24), Terence Doll (18), Corey Frank (21) and Charlie Mills (18), all of them grew up riding for and working in the shop. twitter @inletoutlet,  
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Norcal surf shop opened on Dec 1st, 1991 by Shawn Rhodes Greg Savin. They grew up surfing and skating together, and when it came time, it seemed like the perfect fit to open a shop in their town of Pacifica. Since then they have been sponsoring kids in the skate and surf game. Over the years they watched their kids charge the big waves, the contest scene, and kill it in free riding. It's obvious the Norcal shop is proud of all their team of riders. "They give us so much support, and we're really stoked to give them the chance to be seen by all those who will see this vid and really see what they are capable of….And we want people to know that progression is happening in the North and charging!"