Neo Tech

Marty Gilchrist of Neoprene Tech has signed a long term contract with Sheico, the worlds largest wetsuit manufacturer. Working jointly, Sheico & Gilchrist have developed a revolutionary new liquid tape and applicator. This new liquid tape makes wetsuits waterproof, stronger, and most importantly extremely flexible. Unlike neoprene and fabric tapes which restrict stretch, this liquid seal actually out stretches the most flexible neoprenes available today. Liquid Tape will only be available in the premier surf, dive, ski, wetsuit brands worldwide. Watch for it!

In related news, Neoprene Tech will also be producing wetsuits worldwide for OP which will be distributed in the mass merchandise market. OP joins the list of Neo Tech’s clients which include, The Realm licensees in Europe, Australia, Brazil, and South Africa.

And if if that’s not enough, Neoprene Tech has launched a new wetsuit line called Energy. These high tech suits have already debuted in Japan and rumor has it that they might be available to a very select group of surf shops here at home (USA).