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North Shore Update
Tuesday, January 20, 2003
by TransWorld Hawaii Editor Justin Cote

Swarms of bodyboarders have arrived to the North Shoreand have taken to a very peculiar mode of transportation—miniature bicycles. Draggers have been spotted up and down the winding bike path riding childrens bikes, complete with training wheels andpink tassels fluttering from the handgrips. Strange.

The surf has not been that good recently. Kona winds have turned the seven mile miracle into a blown-out mess. However, Sunday the 19th had 15-20 foot Waimea and was glassy most of the day. The bad winds proved fatal to the Backdoor Shootout and it appears that the legendary contest will not go down for the second year in a row.

Once the massive and stormy swells taper down and the winds get back to their normal trade routines, there should be super fun sandbar conditions abound. Speaking of sandbars, TWS Editor in Chief, Joel Patterson, was recently spotted ripping Waimea. Three-foot Waimea shorebreak that is. The pasty office dude was in town “on business” and decided to brave the bay on an aftedrnoon go out. Immediately following his succesful outing he rang slacker Chris Cote and bragged of his exploits.

The bad weather and surf has transformed normally sane folks into dancing freaks at Club Crawford, but that’s another website …