New company, Moms on Boards, encourages women to look within and find their passion.

Chani Demello
Moms on Boards (M.O.B.)

New company, Moms on Boards, encourages women to look within and find their passion.

SEAL BEACH, Calif., July 19th, 2005 – A new company, Moms on Boards, is here to recognize, honor, celebrate and represent moms who are surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, kite boarding, body boarding ect… While other companies offer products for chicks, girls, betty’s, and wahines, Moms on Boards gives moms who ride products that represent them. They honor, celebrate and recognize moms by profiling them on their website The owner says that her main goal is to inspire, encourage and empower moms to find something that feeds their spirit and nurtures their soul, and gets them physically fit, while having fun.

When, Chani Demello, the owner of Moms on Boards, became a mom she realized that it was the most emotionally, physically, and mentally challenging job she was ever going to have. She had her two sons 17 months apart and soon was engulfed in changing diapers, breastfeeding, playgroups and PBS. She felt like a boring, frumpy-old “Desparate Housewife, until she discovered surfing. She says, “When you are out there on your board, your mind is clear and you are not worrying about errands, chores, bills or kids. It’s all about you and the next ride, wave, trick or just not wiping out. After gaining at least 50-60 lbs. with both pregnancies, Chani wanted to get back into shape. Chani says, “A gym is not for me, but surfing is. Surfing is an all over body workout AND it meditates the mind too!

Visit and get yourself a Moms on Boards t-shirt and sticker to show your support of the M.O.B. and read all about moms who are taking the risk to be happy and healthy.

Live well, Love much, Board often!