New Hampshire Open Surfing Championships

The following are results from the Eastern Surfing Association New England contest held on June 17-18 at the North Wall, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, in two- to three-foot surf with light offshore winds. Sponsors included Velvet sunglasses, 2SI Clothing, and Surfrider.

Menehune Shortboard1. Eric Anderson2. Matt Evans3. Corey Hersey4. Cliff Rockwood5. Jarron Wing6. Kyle Rockwood7. Mitchell Repucci

Boys Shortboard1. Derrick Neal2. Ty Williams3. Craig Wiley4. Chris Dumais

Junior Shortboard1. Kevin Tanner2. Mike Manos

Mens Shortboard1. Lloyd Workman2. Jon Crotty3. Ian Whitney4. James Adamites

Masters Shortboard1. Ron Belanger2. Mark Wakeling3. Dino Bastianelli4. Cliff Rockwood

Senior Shortboard1. Mike Salvadore2. John Repucci

Grandmaster Shortboard1. Peter Pan2. Bob McNeil3. Jeff Goodfriend4. Lee Anderson5. Dennis Gordon6. Rick Evans7. Dick Whitney

Junior Women Shortboard1. Tricia Pan

Senior Women Shortboard1. Leanne Falvey2. Maria Medieros3. Teresa Paugh