New HIC 2X Sunblock Surf Team Announced

New HIC 2X Sunblock Team Focuses On Increasing Sun Protection Awareness Throughout Sport Of Surfing 

Manhattan Beach, CA – Hawaiian Island Creations 2X Sunblock ( announced today the formation of its inaugural HIC 2X Sunblock Surf Team to compete in the US and internationally. Team HIC 2X Sunblock was selected for their reputations as role models in the surfing community as well as their “non-stop” attitude while chasing big swells around the globe. In keeping with the company’s mandate to educate all surfers about the dangers of sun exposure and to reduce the 1.3 million people in the U.S. diagnosed with skin cancer in 2007, each team member will encourage surfers, especially younger ones, to take precautions to protect themselves from the sun and skin cancer. 

The four team members include three from Hawaii: Big wave rider and North Shore resident Jamie Sterling, third place at Mavericks ’08 and an Eddie Aikau ’07 invitee; Pipe Specialist Reef McIntosh, a recent winning Quiksilver team member at the Da Hui Contest and renowned big wave charger; 2006 NSSA National Men’s Open Champion  and Surfer Magazine’s 2008 Hot 100 lister Kekoa Cazimero, a formidable competitor in both the Reef Hawaiian Pro and Sunset World Cup; and San Clemente local Dane Gudauskas, the 2004 NSSA Nationals Open Men’s Champion and a current WQS standout. 

HIC 2X Sunblock was launched in 2007 by Outside Labs, a company formed to develop sun protection products for high exposure sports — first and foremost surfing. In their own experiences surfing and snowboarding around the globe, the scientists at Outside Labs faced sun protection problems and experienced issues with available sunscreens that simply did not satisfy surfing’s unique criteria. “While the FDA has established a standard for testing the performance of sun care products,” states Outside Labs’ Dr. Nic Martens, “we felt that this ‘mass market’ methodology was inadequate for our special breed of consumer. So we set our standards much higher and focused on attributes that would be ideal for surfing.” 

“As surfers and scientists, we were also painfully aware of the dangers of high sun exposure and knew that surfing has had an unfortunate history of skin cancer in its ranks,” says Outside Labs’ John Bowen. “It’s one thing to create a great product, but it’s another to convince surfers, who historically have neglected skin protection, to be more thoughtful of the hidden dangers in the extraordinarily high levels of sun exposure so unique to the sport. Putting this team together is an important step towards educating the worldwide surfing community and making sun protection part of the ritual, as elemental as waxing your board.” 

The new HIC 2X Sunblock website ( includes vital information to help surfers be more aware of the real dangers inherent in prolonged sun exposure and the precautions that everyone can take to protect themselves while engaging in the most incredible sport on earth. The “Are You Protected” interactive tool takes you for a skin lathering guided tour of the basics of sun protection, and the “Educate Surfers on Sun Protection” video provides a reality check with skin cancer survivors Jodi Young Wilmott and Randy Rarick making it real for all surfers and embodying the absolute necessity for sun protection in the line-up. Reef McIntosh is a believer and hits the sunblock every time he charges Pipeline (killer footage included). 

About Outside Labs, Inc.
Outside Labs was created to design products for athletes who perform in demanding outdoor conditions. The founders, Dr. Nicolas Martens and John Bowen, meld world-class scientific expertise with a lifetime of surfing. Nic Martens earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge in the UK and spent 13 years developing breakthrough healthcare products for Johnson & Johnson. John Bowen earned graduate degrees at both Caltech and Harvard, and was a scientist at NASA before partnering with Nic to launch Outside Labs. Both have surfed and snowboarded extensively around the globe.