New OAM Traction Pads Catch Air

On A Mission is proud to present the latest in traction pad technology: The OAM AIR traction series.

The patent-pending design of the OAM AIR pads was inspired by technology breakthroughs in the running-shoe industry. Since the inception of the air-bubble theory, several different shoe companies noticed the benefits and technical merit of the concept.

On A Mission traction pads have always been made of EVA foam (Expanded Vinyl Acetate), which is the exact foam that encompasses the air bubbles in the soles of most major running shoes. The On A Mission design team realized the potential to utilize a similar technology with their traction pads. A surfer applies just as much pressure on his or her back foot as a runner, so. why not offer that surfer the same amount of shock absorption as a running shoe?


With this in mind, On A Mission went to work on creating air bubbles in the arch bar and tail kick. After months of development and testing, a prototype was completed. The Air Arch Bar is inflated with gas to reach 30 psi. This feature allows the arch to act more as a cushion and contour to the bottom of the foot. In contrast to the conventional hard foam arch, the air bubble not only keeps the foot locked into the sweet spot of a surfboard, but also provides extra shock absorption and a more comfortable fit. The Air Arch Bar also enables the surfer to roll his or her ankle easily, which makes for smooth weight transition during critical maneuvers.


The air bubbles in the tail kick take on a different purpose. Due to the hollow construction, the overall weight of the pad significantly decreases. Unlike the Air Arch Bar, the Air Kick was built to have a stiff infrastructure. The stiffness of the kick acts as an opposing force keeping the back foot on the pad and not slipping off the tail.

All in all, this pad is the future of traction design. OAM Air is the first step in an ongoing pursuit to bring the surfing public state of the art technology.