New trailer released on surf photography in the heaviest of waters

Much in the same vein as Mickey Smith’s epic short film “Dark Side of the Lens,” which left our jaws on the floor in 2010, a new film project by Russel Ord and Darren McCagh takes the surf photog’s camera and turns it around to reveal the story behind the man getting the shot.

In this case, the film follows Ord on his quest to document the craziest and most heart-stopping images in surfing to date. So far he has produced some mind-blowing shots from Australia’s wildest outposts, and he seems to be working hard on improving every facet of his craft. As Ord puts it in the following clip, “An amazing view of the ocean cannot be captured without an element of risk”.

With digital cameras and Instagram turning everyone and his sister into a photographer these days, stories such as this are becoming relatable to an ever-growing population of shutterbugs. We look forward to seeing what Ord has up his neoprene sleeves.

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Photo by Russel Ord taken from video