New TWS Cover Causes Convulsions!

Balinese shred head Marlon Gerber on the cover of the December issue of Transworld SURF. Photo: Bosko.

A lot of heads out there are saying that the latest cover of Transworld SURF is the best cover shot ever. I may be biased, but I think our latest cover is amazing. Shot in Bali by legendary Australian lensman, Peter "Bosko" Boskovic, it portrays a strapping young Balinese man, Marlon Gerber, executing a dynamic floating maneuver (I love how you can see the trails from his fins, I'm like, tripping out on it right now). The water is aqua-love, the logo is a day-glow fun zone, and the moment is caught at the absolute perfect time. In short, we (the Transworld staff) love this cover, but we want to know what you think, so tell us: Is this cover a banger, or should I just shut up?—Chris Cote

Inside the new issue of Transworld SURF: Bali Bandwagon, a Shred Manual to Central America, and a surf and dive trip to Tahiti entitled Drop Zone. Check it on newsstands now!