New video captures Teahupoo’s raw power like nothing else

Tahiti Teahupoo Drone code orange swell wave

New drone footage allows you to truly appreciate Teahupoo’s might. Photo: Ashley Gasper

July brought with it one of the biggest swells ever to hit the famed Tahitian surf break of Teahupoo, and a new video shot by photographer Ashley Gasper helps showcase the raw power of the wave unlike anything else you’ve ever seen:

For many outside the surfing world, the name Teahupoo may ring a somewhat distant bell.

Perhaps they heard about the infamous Code Red day in 2011, during which monster swells not only forced the delay of the Billabong Pro Tahiti, but brought what might have been the biggest waves ever seen at Teahupoo. Or maybe they heard about Robbie Maddison surfing his dirtbike at Teahupoo and vaguely recognized the name, but didn’t understand just how powerful the surf spot is.

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Utilizing new-age drone technology, Gasper was able to capture July’s huge swell (being nicknamed “Code Orange”) in a way that surf fans and those unfamiliar with the surf world can appreciate.

Tahiti Teahupoo Drone code orange swell wave

The new video, which showcases July’s Code Orange, should help non-surfers conceptualize just how powerful Teahupoo can be. Photo: Ashley Gasper

You can see the powerful ocean spray that bellows as each wave closes out. You can see just how fast each surfer is moving when he drops into each wave. With the crystal-clear water, you can see just how shallow the waves are as they pass over the reef, and understand why many consider Teahupoo to be the world’s most dangerous wave. And, unfortunately for Niccolo Porcella, you can see in stunning HD video what might be the hardest wipeout we’ve ever seen.

The video, uploaded a week ago, has been gaining popularity just in time for this year’s Billabong Pro Tahiti.

The seventh of 11 stops on the Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour, this year’s event starts in four days and will feature the best surfers in the world trying to tame Teahupoo. While we could go into how guys like Gabriel Medina and Kelly Slater turned last year’s event into what might be the best surf contest ever, this video does as good a job as any of showing why Tahiti is so special.

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