New Website For Used Boards –

With great pride we are announcing our new website The website has been developed to become the search engine of choice in the world of extreme sports. We are a classified ad site for surf, skate and snow sports where you can advertise new or used equipment such as surfboards, kite boards, skateboards, art, clothing, etc. User friendly, just jump on line and fill out the form, download some pictures of the item and as quick as that you will have people all over the world looking at the product or item you are selling. The site was specifically designed for companies, shop owners, manufacturers, artists, photographers, surfers, skaters, and snowboarders. It is an excellent opportunity for manufacturers and shops to have their products seen by the public. You are given the opportunity to redirect traffic directly from our site to your site. We are dedicated to keeping our site pure and visually beautiful to inspire use of the site and feel at ease. was specifically designed to be in the spirit of the surfing and action-sport community. does not warehouse any products. For a flat fee, you can list the product. The buyer deals directly with you, the advertiser, with no middleman. Banner ads in different sizes are available for those who want greater exposure of their product or business.

•    Every surf shop owner has approximately fifty used surfboards in their inventory that they are trying to sell to the public with no way to advertise them other than putting the boards on their website or displaying them in their shop. reaches the guy or girl down the street or the other side of the world. No limitations.

•    Shopping or advertising can be done by state and region so you can see what is for sale in you area.

•    There is a category for the surfer & snowboarders who are looking for accommodations around the world. And to those landlords who have vacation rental property, this is a great way to fill your rental properties year round.

Buying or selling, this is an easy site to navigate. Take a look and give us a try!