New York Cares

Recently Chris Coté and I were in New York for the premiere of Taylor Steele’s latest film, Campaign 2. Though we were there to get some serious work done, NYC’s nightlife is hard to resist, so, armed with my camera, Chris and I hit the town.We started in the bar of the stylish Hudson hotel up on 58th Street, then we headed downtown to a bar called Pioneer in the East Village to see the movie, then we walked with Dave Rastovich, Sanoe Lake, Pete Mendia, and others to some lame-ass club, and we ended up in a bar in midtown dancing to the hits of the 90s.This photo essay of Chris at different stages of partying isn’t so much designed to represent the degeneration of Chris’ posture thoughout the night as it to justify my NYC expense reports.In the final photo Chris screams into Rasta’s ears. How does that old saying go? “Beer before wine, everythings fine. Wine before beer, vodka, champaign, gin, and more vodka” … um … well, you get the idea.Scroll down to view photos.