New York Times Article On Lake Superior Surfing

Well lookie here…the New York Times did an article on Lake Superior Surfing with some quotes from our new buddy Bob Tema and everything. While they overestimate the size (10 feet? C'mon!) of the freshwater surf, it's a great read, apparently they know a thing or two about writing over there…check it out at

Surfing Minnesota New York Times Article

Sick “Minnesota” sticker! Photo courtesy New York Times Online.

It was a Sunday morning north of Duluth, Minn., and a blizzard had overtaken the region. The surfers — apparitions in black neoprene, floating in mist far offshore — paddled and stood when a wave began to break.

"It's warmer in the water," said Markus Barsch, 21, a tree trimmer from Ashland, Wis., and one of a dozen surfers who had shown up to shred on a 20-degree day.

Surfing in a snowstorm may sound like a direct route toward hypothermia or certain death. But on Lake Superior, where surfers ride all months of the year, thick wet suits, gloves, hoods, booties and petroleum jelly smudged on exposed skin all form a protective shell against the crushing cold encountered by wave catchers in what is one of the world's most unlikely surfing scenes.

All around the Great Lakes, from breaks on Lake Michigan to western New York and Lake Erie's shore, a freshwater surfing scene has emerged in recent years. On Lake Superior, where winds swoop hundreds of miles across open water, surfers swim and paddle year-round to ride waves as tall as 20 feet, rushing tsunamis tumbling on an inland sea.

"There is a spirit of adventure here," said Bob Tema, 44, a graphic designer from Minneapolis and founder of the Superior Surf Club (, which has a forum, photo galleries and a section on how to surf on Lake Superior.

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