Dean Morrison has signed a multiyear deal with On A Mission. Dean will be stuck to his board with On A Mission traction, connected to it with OAM leashes, and protecting it with an OAM boardbag, as well as carving through some of his trademark gouges with the help of an OAM signature fin coming soon.

Rob Machado has something new strapped to his wrist, and no, it’s not one of those baby-leashes for his little toddler—it’s a Nixon watch! That’s right, Rob is now keeping on schedule with the help of a Nixon timepiece.

Kalani Chapman will be pulling into huge barrels and throwing hacks for Rusty Surfboards and clothing for the next three years. Kalani is currently traveling the world on photo trips. Also, go to for your chance to win a free board.


C.J. Hobgood must be sad that his brother moved away from him because he just bought a new house in Florida. Apparently, C.J. filled the house with full-sized, 3-D models of Damien so he can visit his bro anytime.

Analog Clothing just launched a line of gear for all your back-to-school needs. They already have a great team of fashionable young males and females, including Jun Jo, Sanoe Lake, Heath Kirchart, Marco Frank Montoya, Keir Dillon, and Brian Sumner. The clothes look good, and if Heath Kirchart wears the stuff—you know it’s hot, bro.

The man who brought you TransWorld 7873 and The Rising has been hard at work making the new Quiksilver movie, Circle One. Josh Williams has been circling the globe filming the Quik team in some of the best waves ever. Rumor has it that he’s got some amazing Slater footage from Australia that is sure to mess with your head. The film is set to be released mid-summer, with a U.S. tour to follow in August. The tour will also coincide with the release of the Kelly Slater biography, Pipe Dreams.


In other Quiky news—the 2003 Boost Mobile Pro at Lower Trestles will be presented by Quiksilver this year. As we all remember, last year had the most amazing conditions for a contest since the 2000 B.C. Olympics in Greece. The contest is scheduled for September 4 through 13 and is the only WCT event in the U.S.A this year.

Adio has added San Clemente air-specialist and all-around ripper Nate Yeomans to its shoe program. Nate joins Mike Lossness, Taylor Knox, Tim Curran, and Joel Fitzgerald on the Adio team. Speaking of Joel Fitzgerald, the Aussie madman was said to have paddled into some of biggest waves at Teahupo’o this year as well as being towed in on some monsters during the big day.

Huntington Beach’s Jesse Evans has signed up with the Ambiguous Clothing team. Jesse also rides for Adio and has been known to blast some rather large airs.


DC Shoe flow-team rider Dylan Raasch relocated from Egypt to Encinitas, California. Look for Dylan to be representing DC shoes and sandals at beaches and bars all over So Cal.

Brad Gerlach was electrocuted! He is now covering his handsome eyes with Electric sunglasses. Look for Brad on a beach near you. You won’t know if he’s looking at you because his eyes will be covered.

Brad is also proud to announce that the contest format known as “The Game” will be added to this year’s X-Games. The Game will be held in Huntington Beach on August 9. This time an all-star West Coast team will be facing an equally star-filled East Coast squad. Sparks are gonna fly, and the West Coast-East Coast rivalry ignited (then extinguished by hip-hop) will catch fire again. The teams have yet to be finalized, but names like Slater, Hobgoood, Machado, Lopez, and Knox have been thrown along with gang signs across the nation. The complete X-Games will air August 16—22 on ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC.

Congratulations go out to Dustin Cuizon. Dustin just graduated from Kahuku High School in Oahu. No more homework, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks.

Alex Grey was the hit of his high school prom in a custom-made Volcom pinstripe suit. No word if he scored (a hug), but let’s hope so.

Bam Margera’s self-directed motion picture Haggard is on shelves now. The movie is f—ked and super awesome—so look for it. Check out for details.

Brendan Willem from New Jersey was added to the Split team to complete their list of East Coast rippers, including Shea Lopez, Rob Brown, Jeremy Peters, and Josh Goetz.