Newsworthy Information

New Sponsors For Everybody!

January is always a time of sponsor changes. This year is no different. Look for a lot of dudes and chicks wearing different gear and riding different boards. Check out the big names with big changes. Hopefully everybody’s happy and making money—I know I am. I just got picked up by the hot new clothing company “Sicktar Shredwear” for the next three years. Watch the diamonds on my fingers multiply.—C.C.

Andy Irons to Von Zipper Sunglasses


Taylor Knox to Op

Dean Harrington to Rusty Surfboards and Clothing

Shaun Harrington to Rusty Surfboards and Clothing

Joe Curren to Seven2

Raimana Van-Bastolaer to Quiksilver

Josh Curran to Quiksilver

Justin Schwartz to Quiksilver


Russell Smith to Ambiguous


Matt Rockhold to Ambiguous

CT Taylor to Ambiguous

Kealla Kennely to Spy Optics

Daniel Shea to Dragon Optics

Peter Labrador to Chemistry Surfboards

Pascal Stansfield to Chemistry Surfboards

Phillip Waters to Chemistry Surfboards

James Walters to Matix Clothing

Ford Archbold to RVCA

Matt Archbold to RVCA

Serena Brooke to BYB Surfboards


Drug-Free Surfers—Is There Such A Thing? Apparently So.

The International Surfing Association is pleased to announce that no banned substances, according to the International Olympic Committee’s Anti-Doping Code, were identified in any of the drug tests taken at the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships 2003, last August in Durban, South Africa. This is very good news for the ISA and the surfing world—but bad news for aspiring drug dealers everywhere.

The ISA is also thrilled to announce its agreement to sanction the 2004 World Kneeboarding Championships on June 28 through July 8, at Popoti Bay, Tahiti. Get up, stand up. Stand up for your right … to kneeboard.

 Another Award For The Surfrider Foundation.

The Surfrider Foundation was awarded the prestigious Coastal Living Award for leadership on January 8. Each year, Coastal Living magazine honors a select group of people and organizations that have demonstrated their commitment to protecting our nation’s coastlines. The award recognizes achievements in the areas of education, sea and shore preservation, community development, tourism, design, and leadership. Congrats, Surfrider.

Sunny Garcia Is Ready To Rip.

Sunny Garcia is all healed up from a long-term knee injury and said to be more amped than ever to be back on the 2004 World Tour. Sunny suffered from a bad knee injury last year and was granted an injury wildcard. Good luck, Sunny—we’re looking forward to some slashing.

Jack Gives Back.

On January 3, North Shore local Jack Johnson hosted a sold-out concert at the Blaisdell Arena on O’ahu. The show was a benefit for the Kokua Hawaii Foundation that helps start gardening and recycling programs at local schools. The foundation kicked off a recycling program at Sunset Beach Elementary in Fall 2003 and hopes to bring it to more schools around the state. Other plans include a lecture series this year featuring local experts on solar power, organic gardens, composting, and biodiesel fuel. Way to give back, Jack.

Shea Lopez Gets Smashed.

Shea Lopez is on the road to recovery after a crazy wipeout during the Pipe Masters. Shea took off on a beast and paid the price for a ballsy move. As of press time, Shea should be almost completely healed and ready to shred again. Get well, Shea.

We’re So Stupid Sometimes.

In last month’s “Under The Radar” story, we mislabeled a headshot of Reef Macintosh. The real Reef Macintosh is the man picturedere. Sorry Reef, you deserve better than that.

A Breath Of Fresh Air.

A Boise, Idaho corporation called OX-GEN has developed a system that will fit in the palm of the hand and provide fifteen to 30 minutes of emergency oxygen. “The lightweight Flexible O2 System could easily be carried in the packs of miners, military personnel, firefighters, and ski patrols,” states the company’s press release. The small oxygen system could be used for big-wave surfing as well. Who knows, maybe the small peace of mind could lead to even bigger waves being surfed in the near future. For more info go to

Indo News By Dustin Humphries.

Good news from the team at Surf Aid International—with Billabong and Quiksilver joining the growing band of supporters, SAI has been able to expand its highly successful Malaria Control Project to four more villages in the Southern Siberut (playgrounds) area. This is great news for the people of the Mentawais and is a huge step in SAI’s development. For more info check out

Rizal Tanjung opened the doors to his new clothing shop/rock club on New Year’s Eve. The name of the store is Electohell and will feature underground clothing labels. The name of the club is the Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll Monarchy

and will showcase up-and-coming local bands. Both are located under one roof on Poppies Lane in Kuta Beach, Bali. “It’s gonna be the new place to hang out,” says Rizal. “There is no more Sari club, and we needed something new and different. We made something like the CBGB in New York. We’re the new generation and we care about our ‘hood.”


Surfrider Report By Matt McClain

Please Don’t Kill New Smyrna

While the West Coast prepares for an X-Games rematch, the East Coast surfing community is already locked into another battle of sorts. Shaper Randy Richenberg is spearheading a campaign to preserve the waves at Florida’s New Smyrna Inlet. Richenberg and hundreds of other local surfers are convinced that an Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) plan to extend the Inlet’s south jetty by 1,000 feet will greatly diminish or possibly even destroy the surf at the break.

At issue is how to best address the build-up of sand at the entrance to New Smyrna’s Ponce de Leon Inlet. Currently, the same currents that produce standout waves at the inlet also cause shoaling within the harbor entry, creating a potential risk to boating traffic in and out of the inlet.

While the Army Corps of Engineers believe that the answer lies with lengthening the south jetty, Richenberg is skeptical. “They’ve tried various hard improvements over the years, extending the north jetty and other improvements, and none of them have worked,” he says. Richenberg, along with several East Coast Surfrider Foundation Chapters, are urging the ACE to reconsider dredging as the more viable and economically sound solution to the problem.

“I can’t tell you how critical this break is to the local surf community,” says Richenberg. “While everywhere else is knee-high, you can always come to New Smyrna Inlet and count on it being chest-high.” Indeed, the break is home to some of the hottest names in surfing, including WCT pros Cory and Shea Lopez, 2003 Vans SMAS champion Aaron Cormican and four-time World Champion Lisa Anderson. The popularity of surfing at the inlet has inspired a thriving cottage industry consisting of two dozen shapers and surf shops, while visiting surfers bring valuable dollars to local lodging, restaurant, and retail businesses.

Richenberg has set up a Web site where surfers and other concerned citizens can find out more about the campaign, as well as voice their concerns on the project via the action-alert tool. To get involved, visit them at or visit the Surfrider Foundation at