Newsworthy Information

Sponsor Changes

Cory Lopez re-signs to Anarchy Sunglasses

Joel Tudor to Seven 2

Brad Ettinger to LX Eyewear

Willy Safreed to LX Eyewear

Ryan Simmons to LX Eyewear

Jamie O'Brien to Utopia

Casey Kurtis to Amerikan

Mikala Jones to T&C Surfboards

Nick Guilarte to Lost

Serena Brooke to BYB Surfboards

CJ Watkins to Salomon boards, wetsuits, and clothing

Nick Jiampa to Salomon boards, wetsuits, and clothing

Greg Browning to Salomon surfboards

Rip Curl opened up a new surf/lifestyle store on Third Street in Santa Monica. They had a big-ass party on December 18, and a bunch of stars came out and ripped it up, including Andy Dick, Nicole Richie, and Mix Master Mike.

Mark Healey, Reef McIntosh, Jamie Sterling, Makua Rothman, and Kala Alexander were recently seen on MTV's True Life series. The subject was the life of big-wave riders, highlights included Kala teaching etiquette to a clueless Pipe surfer and Healey's wipeout section.

North Shore shaper and surfer John Pyzel broke his neck while tow-in surfing Mokule'ia. He's already on the road to recovery and should be back in the water soon. Get well soon, buddy, we're starting to run low on boards!

Pat O'Connell has been ripping apart the North Shore as a part of his rehabilitation from a shoulder injury, and he's looking forward to returning to the WCT after an injury-plagued season.

Oscar Wright has had an entire quiver of boards turn from potential wave-riding weapons into fine pieces of wall fodder after his pre-glass paint jobs reacted poorly with the resin. “The black paint I used weakened the glass to the point where I can put my fingers through it just by touching it,” said Oz, who was completely distressed at the thought of having so many unrideable boards. For some art that didn't ruin surfboards, check out

Carlsbad's Sean Taylor will be killed on television. Sean just secured a stuntman position in an episode of CSI Miami, where he'll be the double for a pizza man who gets killed. Be on the lookout for CSI Miami on CBS this season.

A decomposing whale exploded on a street in downtown Taipei the other day. True story! A whale washed up on a beach in Taiwan and en route to a science lab, the 56-foot whale exploded because of gases building up from internal decay. Whale blood and guts sprayed all over the street, and the stench of dead whale made many people barf.

BYB will soon be releasing a Serena Brooke pro model. She's also created custom artwork that will appear on her personal boards and the new Serena Models. “BYB artist John Glomb helped me transform my ideas and sketches into some great cool and soulful final designs,” commented Serena. “I'm super excited to be working together with BYB–they're such a cool and innovative board company.”

Get well wishes go out to Taj Burrow who broke a bone in his hand in an accident in Yallingup, West Australia. Taj is looking at two to three weeks off, which means the injury promises to be only temporary.