Newsworthy Information

Surf In The City

A big night out with TransWorld SURF.

On April 19, 2004, a new moon rose into the sky of New York City. New moons must be a calling card for the supermodels of the city to go out and get wild, because on this very night, TransWorld SURF teamed up with the modeling agency Women Management to celebrate the release of TransWorld's first ever swimsuit edition and the models went wild. The party was as they say on television, “off the hook.” All lame catch phrases aside, the soiree was extravagant, and a bunch of celebrities, models, and scene creamers came out to drink free drinks and rub elbows (in my case the models' elbows rubbed the top of my head) with other New York hipsters. Here're some photos of the party held at The Marquee Club deep in the Chelsea district of Manhattan.–Chris Coté

1.Two of reality TV's biggest stars get together to look at models. “The Apprentice” Bill Rancic and superstar chef from NBC's “The Restaurant” Rocco DiSpirto. I wonder if these dudes took some models home from the party?

2.Makua Rothman mugs for the paparazzi with the amazing Ana Beatriz Barros. She is really, really, really hot.

3.Rocco loves TransWorld SURF.

4.Makua, Sunny, and Raina Garcia rock New York.

5.Kala Alexander and Makua regulate the dance floor.

6.Suzanne Pats, Makua, Caroline Winberg, and photographer Paul Rowland make an entrance. These chicks are tall.

7.Rumor has it that Bill was hired by Donald Trump because he reads TransWorld SURF.

8.Access Hollywood wants a piece, too.

9.This is the horniest shot ever. Ana and Isabeli Fontana loosen up at the bar. Look at those eyes–shit hot. I'm in love.

10.These girls were the bouncers. Please, kick me in the nuts.

11.Harold Hunter and some out-of-place dude.

12.Models going wild are much better than normal girls going wild.