Newsworthy Information

Kaua'i teenager Bethany Hamilton is home and recovering well from her tiger-shark attack. Less than a month later, the brave girl has started surfing again and, according to reports, is ripping Kaua'is north shore again. Look up for reports on her progress and send her a little note via e-mail.

The surf industry was all abuzz when rumors circulated about a possible Bruce Irons sponsor change. These rumors proved to be false as of November 19, 2003 when Bruce announced his decision at a small sushi dinner on the North Shore of O'ahu. Richard “Wooly” Woolcott, Troy Eckert, Kai Garcia, and Dave Riddle were on hand to witness the short speech in which Bruce opened up by saying, “Where do I sign?” Kaiborg then handed out hats that read, “Congrats Volcom.” The word on the street is the contract may be a “lifetime” arrangement, but we'll have to see in the next decade or so. Now the world can get back to talking about how badass the world tour is going to be this year. We're willing to bet anyone out there twenty bucks that Bruce will finish in the top ten this year–any takers?

TransWorld Media's parent company, Time Inc., recently pledged 10,000 dollars to the San Diego Wildfire Victims Fund in the name of TransWorld Media. See, sometimes corporate America is cool. Thanks, Time Inc.

The Surfrider Foundation has been awarded the 2003 Governor's Award for Environmental Leadership in Children's Environmental Education for its Respect The Beach campaign by the California Environmental Protection Agency. The announcement was made on November 15, at a gala awards presentation in Sacramento, California. The Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award is California's highest and most prestigious environmental honor. The award was presented by newly elected California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

One of the world's best freesurfers, Brenden “Margo”

Margieson, has teamed with renowned cinematographer and good friend Justin Gane to produce Wanderjahr: The Margo Project.

“I'm just a lucky bastard who gets to go freesurfing all the time,” said Margo. The film will also features surfing by Margo's mates Luke Egan, Occy, Danny Wills, and Trent Munro. Wanderjahr will be released in December of 2003.

Mark Rovan has recently released a book of poetry titled Surfing The Soul. The poems are filled with Mark's passion for the ocean, mountains, and spirit. Jack O'Neill says, “As I sit by the fire, Mark's words take me on a journey.” Check it out on

In big sponsor news, Ben Bourgeois has signed a three-year contract to become the first head-to-toe teamrider for Reef Apparel. Ben signed with Reef when he was twelve years old. “I've been with Reef since I was a little kid,” said Ben. “This relationship is nothing new. Reef has always supported me, together we're going to take some big steps.

Remember Pink Floyd? I'm sure you do. Now you can really trip out with a full set of Pink Floyd figurines. The eerie characters from the 1982 film The Wall have come back to give you nightmares again. The figures are six to eight inches tall and are available individually boxed, as well as in a giant, limited collector's edition boxed set that includes a sixth figure not available individually. What does this have to do with surfing? Nothing, but Pink Floyd is awesome. Buy these things, they're really f–ked-up looking. Check out

The world-famous Adam Blakey has teamed up with Monster Children magazine and formed Werewolf magazine. As the editor for Werewolf surfing magazine, Blakey promises to bring you “bloodthirsty surf action.” I say check the thing out. Blako is a bloody legend, his mag's gonna be bloody great!

The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association announced that it has distributed a total of 320,000 dollars in the form of grants to eight environmental organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving our ocean. The eight environmental organizations that received a 2003 SIMA Environmental Fund grant are Surfrider Foundation, Ocean Institute, Wildcoast, Heal the Bay, Orange County CoastKeeper, Surfing Education Association, Alaska Wilderness League, and Seymour Marine Discovery Center.

TransWorld SURF contributing photographer, Hilton Dawe got blasted at Backdoor on December 2. Eight staples and gallons of blood later, he's back on the beach contemplating his return to the water. Look for Hilton's action next month.

Hawai'i News by Justin Cote

An Argentinean bodyboarder died November 30, after hitting the reef at Log Cabins on, during a strong north swell. The unfortunate victim was only on the second day of his vacation–rest in peace compadre.

Kalani Robb has opened a store in Hale'iwa named North Shore Underground featuring Kalani's Closet. Apparently it's a “girls' heaven,” yet there's some cool stuff for the boys, too, hence “Kalani's Closet” where you can buy Kalani's personal favorites. Check 'em out at the Haleiwa Shopping Plaza or

Consistent north swells have piled sand onto the reef at Pipeline and Off The Wall–but no one is complaining due to the sand bar that has formed creating Kirra-like rights from Ehukai to Rockpiles. Not quite the “superbank”–but pretty close.

Entertainer and Hawai'ian heat winner Jason Lau has launched a television show on station KIKU channel 16 on Monday nights at 10:30 p.m. Lau Lau TV is a hilarious local-style show featuring surfer profiles, comedy, spot checks, and magnificent pidgin. For more info go to

Sponsor Changes

Mason Ho to Poorboy

Ben Bourgeois to Reef Apparel

Chris Drummy to Smith Optics (Surf marketing and promotions manager)

David Rutherford to Plus One Surfboards

Oscar Moncada to Plus One Surfboards