FUEL television is doing a half-hour show spotlighting a week in the life of Tim Curran. The show, called First Hand, will cover five days of Timmys hectic life. Hell be shaping a board, partying at the Surfer Poll Awards, blasting huge airs at Lowers, having serious music-biz meetings with the band he manages (Red West), and surfing secret California waves with his friends. Be sure to check your local listings on October 5. Go to to find out the whole scoop.

Oh no! Hollywoods highest-paid woman broke her face off! Cameron Diaz was surfing with some friends on O’ahus south shore when a beginning surfer riding a softboard smashed into Cameron, breaking her beautiful nose.

Quiksilvers new film, Circle One, premiered at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on August 15, 2003. Big-wave giant and L.A. local Strider Wasilewski hosted the event to a crowd of Quiksilver teamriders. Amongst the celebrities, Nathan Fletcher and his legendary father Herbie were spotted with Julian Schnabel (director of Basquiat) and his son. Dane Reynolds, Carlos Del Amo, and Kelly Slater were also on hand. Circle One is available in retail stores this September.

Quiksilver CEO Bob McKnight turned 50. On August 22, 2003, hundreds of friends, employees, celebrities, and surfing dignitaries gathered at the Ocean Marine Institute in Dana Point, California to wish the surf industrys godfather a happy birthday and thank him for creating the world of Quiksilver. The Dandy Warhols put on an amazing performance shortly after Bob was hoisted above the crowd by a group of Hawai’ian dancers for a bit of hazing. It truly is good to be Bob.

Cheyne Magnussen has been popping up in various fashion mags lately. That Cheynes so hot right now, and hell prove it with a nice Blue Steel look in the new Teen Vogue.

In other fashion news, Sean Taylors mug is being used to promote Op fragrances for him and her. The chick in the ad with him looks really hot, too. Bring her by the office, Sean—seriously.

Mick Fanning is working on a custom-designed fin for Speedfins. He tested his new design on a TransWorld SURF trip to the Mentawais. “Im trying to make the best fin possible. So far, I think this new fin is gonna go sick,” remarks Mick.

Former TransWorld SURF Managing Editor and current Contributing Editor to TransWorld SKATEboarding Aaron Schmidt is Australias newest surf star. Schmitty is featured in the new Waves magazine busting a finger-flip off a ladder at Ponto in Carlsbad, California. The ladder jump was cover-blurbed and thrown across an entire spread! Schmitty was quoted as saying, “Surfing is so boring right now, and you can keep your goddamned air-reverses.”

Surfer magazines cartoon titled “Backside” is really lame. If you must read Surfer, tear that page out.

Military chopper personnel have been regularly spotting a fifteen-to-seventeen-foot adult great white sharks in deeper water off the San Onofre and Oceanside coasts. Lifeguards have cleared the water at Old Mans and Trestles more than three times in the last month. Some experts point to a buried whale carcass near Trail One at San Onofre as the cause. Others just sing the Jaws theme song, “Duh-dunt, duh-dunt.” This rash of shark sightings hasnt stopped massive crowds from ripping up the surrounding breaks. “I dont even care about great white sharks,” says local Oceanside ripper Micah Mattson. “Id be out there if there were dragons shooting fire at me.”

The spirit of the 1980s Om Bali Pro surf contests is returning to Bali during Fall of 2003. In conjunction with the Kuta Karnival Celebration Of Life, there will be a monthlong party in Bali including parades, food festivals, and ceremonies from September 11 (second anniversary of the Neew York and Washington D.C. terrorist attacks) to October 12 (first anniversary of the Bali bombs). “The surfers of Bali invite all their old friends to help bring the aloha back to Bali,” says Rizal Tanjung. “Make a statement to the terrorists that they will never stop surfers from enjoying their freedom.” Terry Fitzgerald, Terry Richardson, and Jim Banks have already confirmed attendance, and many other surfing legends are hastily making plans. So come along to celebrate the joys of surfing in Bali! See the legends in action on Balis best waves. Support Bali! Go to and set up your trip now.

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