NHS Launches Santa Cruz Epxyskin Surfboards

NHS, the parent company of the Santa Cruz and Independant brands, has unveiled a Tuflite surfboard line dubbed Santa Cruz Surf.

This new Surf division is being lead by Matt Haut (Product Line Manager), Keith Meek (Graphic/Clothes Designer), Doug Haut, Chris Gallagher (Design Consultants) and Adam Replogle (Team Manager).


The Santa Cruz Epxyskin Surfboards are constructed using Tuflite Technology. These boards offer the highest-strength and lightest-weight ratios in the industry. Our aim at Santa Cruz is to support the new movement of progressive surfing with surfboards and apparel for current and future generations of surfers. To all riders who are passionate about skateboarding, snowboarding or surfing, Santa Cruz delivers, tight high-performance products that allow riders to progress with confidence.

“The response that we received was very positive,” says Matt Haut, “many people said, ‘It was about time.’ I’m pleased and confident about this new line and how it fits into this company.”

By Santa Cruz being a leader in board sports and using the crossover influence of our boards we can have some of the most progressive new breed of surfers in and out of the water.

Adam Replogle, a world-renowned surfer and team manager, helped define Santa Cruz’s direction by signing aerial surfers Shawn “Barney” Barron, Jeremy Scribner, and others on the team such as Anthony Tashnick, Charley Chesleigh and Jeff Hutson.