Nike 6.0’s all girl surf film World Premiere

This past Thursday was officially deemed ladies night at the California Science Center in Downtown L.A. as the girls gathered to show off Nike 6.0’s “Leave a Message.”

It was a landmark night for women’s surfing as “Leave a Message” is being labeled as the movie that will shatter the gender barrier. This film is the women’s version of ground breaking surf films like “Modern Collective” and “Momentum.”

The ensemble cast of current women’s world #1 Carrissa Moore, Coco Ho, Laura Enever, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, Malia Manuel and Lakey Peterson arrived in style. After a long day a media attention, the girls were all dressed to impress as they worked the red carpet making their way to the theater.

You could feel the genuine excitement resonating from all the girls, as none of them were able to see their parts before the big night.

The level of surfing in this film is changing the way we view women’s surfing going forward. Each part had its own style reflecting the surfer’s personality but what they all had in common was their progressive maneuvers and how hard the girls charged.

The best part of the night came after the film in the line for the men’s bathroom when every dude looked at each other with the feeling that we need to quit surfing because will never be as good as these young girl rippers.

As progressive as the surfing in this film is, the fact that the largest sports company in the world Nike has put a lot of its resources behind this film speaks to where women’s surfing is heading.

If this movies accomplishes what Nike is hoping it will, to inspire young girls to push their level of surfing the era of male testosterone driven lineups will soon be threatened as these girls surf better than they do.

You can download the full movie on May 24th on Nike 6.0’s Leave a Message website.

For more info check out Nike 6.0’s Facebook page.

The usual surf industry banter portion of the night.

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The theater is hyped with stoke.

This dude is probably thinking to himself, “She’s really hot and she surfs better than I do.”

GrindTV’s surf editor enjoying the girls and the surfing.

A landmark night for women’s surfing