Nike 6.0 Teams Up W/ Stoked Mentoring

Nike 6.0 recently partnered with Stoked Mentoring to bring community, creativity, and access to sport to the Motel Notell through the program 6.0 Days of Stoked. Twelve students from inner city Los Angeles paid weekly visits to Huntington Beach for the duration of summer where they learned to surf and collaborated as team to build the first ever STOKED Magazine. The 16-page mag reflects their personal stories and how Stoked has helped transform their lives. Besides an introduction to journalism and photography; the students surfed with Nike 6.0 athletes, scored VIP treatment at the US Open, and broadcasted the story of Stoked to the world via the webcast. Their voice was so loud, it inspired contest winner, Evan Geiselman, to donate his winnings to Stoked Mentoring, so the program can grow and impact more lives.

Stoked mentoring is a non-profit with a mission to empower youth from under served communities to achieve a more successful future by providing programs based in action sports culture.