Nike Surfing America Prime Scores At Steamer Lane

Nike Surfing America Prime
Nike Surfing America Prime
Nike Surfing America Prime
Brogie Panesi
Colt Ward
Frankie Harrer
Nike Surfing America Prime
Nike Surfing America Prime
Griffin Colapinto
Jake Davis
Jake Marshall
John Mel
Kanoa Igarashi Frankie Harrer
Kanoa Igarashi
Kei Kobayashi
Kevin Schulz
Kulia Doherty
Steamer Lane
Meah Collins
Nic H'Dez
Nolan Rapoza
Surfing America
Trevor Thornton

CONDITIONS: 8 – 10 foot Friday to 1 – 3 foot Sunday. Perfect weather, sunny and glassy all weekend.

HIGHLIGHTS: Seeing the crop of Under 16s charge big Steamer Lane with no fear. This group including – Jake Davis, Griffin Colapinto, Jake Davis, Nic Hdez, Kanoa Igarashi, Kei Kobayashi, Jake Marshall, John Mel, Brogie Panesi and Nolan Rapoza – surfs well beyond their years. They are a freak group of talent that rivals the Kolohe, Luke, Evan and Conner generation a few years their senior.

OUTSTANDING PERFORMERS: All the finalists because they started out getting through heats in 8 foot surf and finished in 2 foot surf. Needed to have the full package to get to the finals. John Mel got knocked out in a mistake plagued quarter final heat in Boys U16 and was able to shake it off and dominate his Semifinal and Final in Boys U14 to take the win.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “How are those 80 lb groms doing man turns on 8 foot waves?” Nick Hill, ASP Judge.

Nike Surfing America Prime presented by Got Milk?
Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz CA
January 28 – 29, 2012

Boys Under 18
1 – Nic Hdez – Santa Cruz
2 – Jake Davis – Capistrano Beach
3 – Kanoa Igarashi – Huntington Beach
4 – Kevin Schulz – San Clemente

Boys Under 16
1 – Jacob Davis – Capistrano Beach
2 – Brogie Panesi – Pacifica
3 – Kanoa Igarashi – Huntington Beach|
4 – Nic Hdez – Santa Cruz

Girls Under 18
1 – Frankie Harrer – Malibu
2 – Kulia Doherty – Rancho Santa Fe
3 – Kylie Loveland – Carlsbad
4 – Nikki Viesins – Indialantic FL

Girls Under 16
1 – Kulia Doherty – Rancho Santa Fe
2 – Frankie Harrer – Malibu
3 – Meah Collins – Costa Mesa
4 – Jada Galland – Rancho Santa Fe

Boys Under 14
1 – John Mel – Newport Beach
2 – Griffin Colapinto – San Clemente
3 – Nolan Rapoza – Long Beach
4 – Kei Kobayashi – San Clemente

Jake Davis

Jake Davis. Photo: McDaniel