Nixon Caption Contest Winner Announced


Congratulations to Nixon | Beastie Boys Time Teller Giveaway winner Ryan Gallop! Here’s Ryan’s watch winning caption for the photo above: “A little off the sides, leave the party in the back…and so help me if this pinot noir hasn’t breathed Conner!”

Congrats again Ryan! Here are a few more entries that had us chuckling…

“Grooming, pinot noir, and grom abuse….all in a days work for Hawaii’s last king Bruce-amehameha Irons.”—Jeffrey Mile

“Supercuts is really stepping up it’s game.”—Wagefiling

“What part of “a six pack and a Hustler” did you not understand?”—Johnno Surdam

“I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer… wait what is this?”—Lane