Nixon High Tide Hold ‘Em FUEL TV Clips

The Nixon High Tide Hold ‘Em recently aired on FUEL TV, and for those of you who don’t have cable, here’s a look at what went down in Tavarua. Congrats goes out to Dylan Graves who ran away with the contest this year. Another unique event in paradise in the books for the Nixon High Tide Hold ‘Em.

Things kick off in Tavarua with some fun surf, spearfishing, kiddyland costume contest, and some intense karaoke.

Next up was a little bit of skydiving. Check out how nervous 3x World Champ Andy Irons gets when him and his other half Lyndie are about to do the tandem jump. Gotta be a pretty big rush.

In this segment, AI gives us a tour of the set-up on the island. Looks like he’s having quite a time off tour this year, as he should.

The final segment sees the completition of the surfing competition, followed with a nail-biting ping-pong match that declares Dylan Graves the 2009 Nixon High Tide Hold ‘Em champ.

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