NLand Surf Park to reopen Friday after 6 month closure for repairs

Earlier this week, in the continuing saga of the artificial wave technology race, we saw that Wavegarden made a splash with their latest offering, “The Cove”. And on Friday, Wavegarden gets another bump with the return of their first (and only) U.S. wave pool, NLand Surf Park.

After being closed for “extensive repairs” since November of 2016, waves will once again be a public commodity in Austin, Texas.

The necessary repairs included extensive work on the liner of the reef section, which had been “compromised more so than expected by fin and nose cuts,” according to Wavegarden sources.

While a press release was sent out announcing the reopening of NLand, there was no mention of the the exact repairs done or the extent of them. Chris Jones of NLand told GrindTV the following:

“Last October, we discovered tears in the liner and damage under the lagoon. Over the winter, we worked on repairs and improvements, including some alterations to the shores to prevent the same issues from happening. Emerging technologies present new challenges, and our team has worked to develop a solution that will provide the best surf experience possible for our guests.”

The press release does speak to some updates like a reconfigured lagoon with three distinct wave sections, a Boogie Bay, a training center and an altering of the shores “to give spectators a more intimate view.” It certainly promises to be a wave-filled summer for citizens of Austin, Texas.

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