No Fear/Aqua East Florida State Surfing Championships

April 16-17, 2005

No Fear threw down a massive $10,000 purse for the Florida State Surfing Championships supported by Aqua East Surf Shop. The competition was held at the sandy shores of The Poles, located at the extreme southern end of the Mayport Naval Station Beach in Hanna Park, Jacksonville. The contest was supported by Mother Nature’s sunny skies and strong winds. Waves were a consistent 3-4ft. with occasional 5 – 6 foot faces.

After an overwhelming success by No Fear’s introduction to their new surfcontest format, both the spectators and surfers were happily entertained.The contest was designed so that in each round every competitor was surfingagainst each other, as opposed to just the surfers in their heat. Followingeach Round, the surfers were ranked by their accumulation of points. Thefirst Round began with 80. After the rankings, the field was cut to 48competitors for the second Round. Then, following the second round, it wascut to the final Round of 24 competitors. 16 of the 24 surfers left with apocket full of cash, beginning at $300 for 16th place. Overall, 40 % of thecompetitors participated throughout the whole event. This format wasorganized to eliminate the factors that sometimes affect the final results,like heat draws, one bad heat and changing surf conditions. This gave thecompetitor more than one chance to gain points and plenty of opportunity tocome back.

As a result, there were plenty of surfers who capitalized on the event.Asher Nolan strolled home $2500 richer, taking first place in the No FearOpen Challenge. Runner up, Ryan Briggs, didn’t have it so bad equally takinghome $1000 for second and $1000 for first in the FSA Junior Pro. MarshallAblerga succeeded second place with $750 and coming close behind, BradyMckenzie, with a $500 winning. Congratulations to all the surfers and staffthat made the contest a success. Look for future events, as No Fear willcontinue to support retail stores in an effort to also heighten theexcitement of their new surf competition format.