No More Nudity At San Onofre?

According to a post on the no fun police have ordered an end to the once overlooked crime of laying around naked on the beach. Bummer for those who like to tan their nether regions, but console in the fact that you still have Blacks Beach...

San Onofre Nudity Ban

An unidentified dude gets one last full body tan at San Onofre. Photo:

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It was just another day at the beach at Trail 6 in San Onofre State Beach yesterday. The numerous "No Nudity" signs posted nearby served more as directions than deterrents.

In one of California’s last bastions for nude sunbathing, a couple dozen people wearing nothing but an occasional hat splashed in the water, sat on beach chairs, tanned on towels or stretched out on sand.

One played Soduku. Another read a newspaper. Some chatted on cell phones or with one another. A few slept. Individual beachgoers and couples kept comfortably to themselves, minding no one’s business but their own.

Their bare days may be numbered, but they’re enjoying them just the same.

A state appellate court has ruled that the California Department of Parks and Recreation may enforce a ban on nude sunbathing at any state beach, allowing park rangers to start fining the naturists any time they want.